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Asri Bendacha is a French-Algerian, award-winning documentary filmmaker and music video director.


Asri began his career as a music video director and radio producer in France at Skyrock radio, renowned as the world's most-listened-to hip hop radio station.


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During his time at SKYROCK, Asri had the privilege of being surrounded by a myriad of talented rappers.

This environment inspired him to venture into the world of visual storytelling, where he began crafting music videos for well-known French rap artists.

His work in this realm quickly gained recognition, earning him a reputable place in the industry.

In 2011, Asri Bendacha embarked on an international chapter of his career, relocating to Dubai. Here, he took on the role of producing a TV show for FOX, showcasing his versatility in the media landscape. Following this successful venture, Asri entered into a productive collaboration with Universal Music Dubai, cementing his status as a seasoned producer within the entertainment industry.

Yet, it was the allure of filmmaking that continually tugged at Asri's creative spirit. In 2017, he returned to his true passion: storytelling through the medium of film. The result was his inaugural documentary, "Follow Me."

This documentary was a profound exploration of the social media influencer phenomenon, offering viewers a thought-provoking perspective.

"Follow Me" quickly earned its place in the official selection of the esteemed NYC Independent Film Festival, a testament to Asri's storytelling prowess. Notably, this documentary marked a turning point in his career, as he secured an exclusive three-year distribution agreement with NETFLIX.

On November 16th, 2018, the film found its home on the NETFLIX platform, a milestone that added a new dimension to Asri's reputation.

Throughout his journey, Asri Bendacha has remained a lifelong fan of hip hop. This passion led him to delve into the evolution of the hip hop industry in the digital age. The culmination of this exploration was his second documentary, "The Pursuit of Greatness."


This film centered around Jon Rise, a promising but lesser-known rapper from Florida with aspirations of becoming the next hip hop sensation. Asri's work on this documentary brought together influential figures from the US hip hop industry, including the legendary radio host BIG BOY.

"The Pursuit of Greatness" left an indelible mark in the cinematic world, earning a place in the official selection of The Hip Hop Film Festival 2020, where it received the "Best Documentary" award, a true testament to Asri's dedication and storytelling prowess.

As Asri Bendacha continues his journey in the world of film, he remains dedicated to the art of storytelling, with more exciting projects on the horizon.

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