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In 2014, I had the privilege of co-producing the Middle East's pioneering hip-hop band, UAT, in collaboration with Universal Music Dubai. As the person responsible for management, production, artistic direction, and artist development, our team accomplished remarkable feats.

Under my guidance, we not only forged strategic partnerships with prominent brands but also achieved chart-topping success. UAT's first two albums secured the top position in Saudi Arabia and the second spot in the UAE. Furthermore, their music videos amassed millions of views on YouTube channels, with over 50,000 subscribers in less than a year. Both artists also garnered substantial social media followings, with hundreds of thousands of dedicated fans.


In my capacity as the manager of Saudi Rapper Tarek, I successfully orchestrated high-profile brand collaborations with some of the world's leading companies. Among these, the Coca Cola campaign emerged as one of the most notable and fruitful partnerships.

Taking on the role of overseeing Tarek's studio recording sessions and ensuring his artistic brilliance shone during video shoots, Tarek undeniably stood out. His presence and talent were particularly striking, even among renowned UAE singer Balkees and Egyptian superstar Rami Sabri.

Tarek's escalating fame and substantial following drew the attention of a renowned sports brand, leading to Tarek's appointment as their brand ambassador.


This partnership extended to encompass multiple print and digital campaigns during a two-year contractual engagement with Reebok Middle East.

TV Producer

In 2012, as part of the Dubai International Music Awards, I initiated and oversaw the creation of a TV show in collaboration with FOX named "ROAD TO DIMA."

This year-long weekly program had a distinctive format where we featured international artists in five-minute segments, offering audiences a preview and an opportunity to cast their votes for their preferred artist to perform at the award ceremony.

In my capacity as the show's producer, I took charge of all aspects of production, from scriptwriting to editing, voice-over recording sessions, and audio mixing. This comprehensive approach allowed me to deliver a series of over 20 episodes, each showcasing some of the most influential artists from around the globe.

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